I am a fully qualified MIAS mountain bike instructor as well as holding an up to date outdoor first aid certificate.

I have been working in rights of way and access in Mid Wales for over 10 years; as such I have an intimate knowledge of this part of the country and the rides available.


Philosophy on Mountain Biking

I've been mountain biking for about 5 years; many people's perception of mountain bikers involves full face helmets, pads from here to eternity and full suspension bikes worth £££'s; whereas my ideal riding is far more leisuerly, taking in the views and just enjoying being out in the "wilds".

I'm more likely to be looking at an OS map than flicking through mountain bike magazines.  I'm not a "techie" and won't be bamboozling people with talk of "rear mechs", "bottom brackets" or "slime tubes".

My mountain bike is probablty my most prized possession; not because its the most expensive or of the highest specificiation because its not; it's because its the essential tool for getting out and about.  If you want to make the most of your visit in terms of sight seeing then the mountain bike is the best way to do it.